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Water Heater

Water Heater Repairs in Oakland and Surrounding East Bay Area

Stuck Without Hot Water? We Can Help

A broken water heater can make life uncomfortable, to say the least. Without hot water, showering can become an absolute chore, dishes and laundry can go undone, and bathing children comfortably becomes nearly impossible. In a busy home, families can’t afford the inconvenience of a broken water heater.

That’s why we at Big Blue Plumbing answer calls day or night to take care of broken water heaters and other plumbing emergencies. We’ll work to assess and repair the problem as efficiently and effectively as possible, getting your hot water heater up and running in no time. Our professional, licensed heating experts are more than ready to put your water heater woes to rest.

Water Heater Repair

We at Big Blue Plumbing will repair or replace all models of electric, gas, or tankless water heaters as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Sometimes the repair is simple, such as a heating element failing before the rest of the water heater goes. Other times the repairs are more complicated or costly.

Whatever the issue, we will work to diagnose the problem quickly and correctly, presenting you with an estimate upfront before completing the repair. Unlike some water heater repair services, we won’t blindly go ahead with a costly repair if your water heater isn’t worth the investment. If your water heater is old or has other significant issues, continuing to sink money into repairs can wind up being more expensive than simply replacing the entire unit. Our experienced technicians will talk with you about your options and only complete a repair after consulting with you about the possibilities and expenses.

Hot Water Heater Services

In addition to providing prompt, effective water heater repair services, our experienced plumbing technicians at Big Blue Plumbing in Alameda, CA, provide full water heater installation. Sometimes a repair simply won’t take care of the problem you’re experiencing, while other times the expense of the repair isn’t worth shelling out on an old water heater. Whatever the reason, there are times when buying a new water heater becomes the necessary choice.

If you’re in that position, call on our experienced plumbers at Big Blue Plumbing to take care of the water heater installation. We’ll take care of replacing your old water heater while consulting you with the range of new water heater options available. Whether you want to go with an electric water heater, a solar water heater, a tankless water heater or a traditional one, we have you covered. And we stand firmly behind our installations with a guarantee, not only fixing your water heater for free if it fails but also giving you $100 in vouchers toward future service.

Experts in High Efficiency Water Heaters

At Big Blue Plumbing, we are experts in high-efficiency hot water heaters. The past decade has brought a host of new, more varied options for improving your water heater’s energy efficiency and cutting down on your utility bills. Whereas hot water heaters used to come just in either tank or tankless options, there are now far more options for improving water heating energy consumption. Our skilled technicians at Big Blue Plumbing are true masters in energy efficient water heating technology and are happy to answer any of your questions about the options available. Ask us about high-efficiency storage tanks or hybrid water heaters. We even have hot water space heating options that qualify for PACE financing. Whatever your aim, we will always take the time to learn about you and your home’s requirements, recommending the best solution for your home and your budget.

To schedule plumbing service, call Big Blue Plumbing day or night at 510-540-6060, or fill out the Get an Inspection & Estimate form.