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Paul Gerrard

Hydronic Radiant Heating Installation in Alameda and Surrounding East Bay Communities

Forced hot air from traditional furnaces dehumidifies your home, causing dry nasal passages and even damage to furniture. Radiant heating, on the other hand, keeps you comfortable by warming tile and wood floors from the ground up without blowers, fans or wasted energy.

We have extensive experience in repairing radiant heating systems, so if you have a modern house with a radiant heating system—like an Eichler—you can rest easy knowing Big Blue Plumbing can relieve your heating troubles efficiently and affordably.

If you’re interested in installing a dust-and-allergen-free style of heating in your home, come to Big Blue Plumbing for prompt, affordable, and honest service.

To schedule plumbing service, call Big Blue Plumbing day or night at 510-540-6060, or fill out the Get an Inspection & Estimate form. Visit our contact page for more information.