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Leaky or Clogged Tub or Toilet?

Toilet & Tub Repair Services in Alameda, Oakland and surrounding East Bay Area

Even though the event is more common than most people would like to admit, there’s nothing quite like seeing the water rise out of your toilet and threaten to overflow onto the floor.

But don’t worry. Big Blue Plumbing is just a phone call away.

Whether your plumbing is residential or commercial, Big Blue Plumbing’s expert technicians can repair and unclog your toilet or tub with ease. Toilet pipe repair, clogged toilets, bathtub plumbing repair. We do it all. And since we provide some of the best guarantees in the business, you can rest easy knowing that Big Blue Plumbing has your back.

To schedule plumbing service, call Big Blue Plumbing day or night at 510-540-6060, or fill out the Get an Inspection & Estimate form.