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Clogged Drain Cleaning Services in Oakland and Surrounding East Bay Area

Professional Drain Cleaners and Pipe Snaking Services

Is there dirty water standing in your kitchen or bathroom sink, going nowhere? You have a drain clog, a common but very annoying plumbing problem. Luckily, you’ve got Big Blue Plumbing to help in Alameda, Oakland and across East Bay.

We’re eager to clear any drain clogs, to repair any damage a clog may have caused, and to make the process as smooth as possible for you. As plumbing experts in Alameda, we clean all types of drainage systems including bathtub drains; shower drains, commercial/industrial floor drains, sink drains, and much more. Take advantage of our professional drain cleaning service and get back to the important things in life.

Draining cleaning is not something most people ever think about until it is too late, or a new factor is introduced that immediately causes drainage backup or flooding. Each of your fixtures has different things to look out for with their drainage and pipes that can create gradual clogs overtime or more timely drain problems:

Clogged Shower Drains:

Our tubs and showers are where we feel most comfortable at home and is where a lot of personal upkeep is done. This generally means that a lot of excess hair makes its way into your shower drain which will eventually slow down the rate at which bathwater drains, and in extreme cases, may even completely prevent draining. Even if you do not shave in the shower, we lose a lot of hair follicles when we shampoo our hair. If you live by yourself or are in a short-term residence, clogging your shower drain isn’t something you’re likely to experience, or typically should not encounter whether you shave or not. This can depend on the condition the drain was in when you moved-in though as well as how the property’s drainage was designed, and if you have a pet that is bathed frequently.

Generally, the more people and pets that get cleaned up in your shower or bath, the more vulnerable you are to getting a clogged shower. Other instances can cause shower clogs too such as bottle caps/lids falling into your shower drain, random debris getting caught in your bathwater or trash finding its way down your drain during a random bathroom visit, the possibilities are endless. Regular drain cleaning ensures that if any of these items have made their way into your shower’s plumbing that they are removed long before they cause a serious situation. Our drain cleaners are trained to help you maintain your bath’s healthy drainage flow which will greatly reduce your risk of nasty clogging and potential floods while also keeping your shower from turning into a miniature bath each time you want to clear up.

Backed-Up Toilet Repair:

Having clog in your bathroom is a terrifying experience for many of us, especially when it is with your toilet or urinal. The last thing you want pouring into your home or office is sewer or toilet water, and when your toilet clogs, there’s no telling how much of this you could see. The first time you witness your porcelain water rise instead of flush your first thought is usually something like, “…. how do I unclog a toilet!?”.  Thankfully, most clogged toilets can be repaired with a standard home plunger. In some cases, there is a more significant blockage causing your clogged toilet and you may need to have your pipes snaked. We always encourage you to try plunging your toilet after a clog before calling a professional plumber, but if you are unable to do it yourself, or are unsuccessful, give our local Oakland plumbing company a call. Big Blue Plumbing of Alameda, CA is able to snake and rooter out any obstruction and put an end to toilet clogs!

Common causes of toilet clogs include; large amounts of items being flushed at once, improper items being flushed such as cloths, wet wipes, feminine/personal hygiene products, and foreign items that may have fallen in or been flushed by mistake. We’ve seen it all, and know how to handle anything backing-up your home or commercial lavatory.

Sink Drainage:

Homes and offices each have a wide and differing range of uses for their kitchen and bathroom sinks. From washing dishes to using the garbage disposal (or thinking you are using it), removing grease, and cleaning other various items you could be introducing items that could clog your drain sooner or later. That’s right, even washing your hands could attribute to your drain clogging depending on what you’re washing off. Some greases and other chemicals/liquids may encourage items to stick to the inside of the pipe’s walls and create a clog over time, and losing jewelry while washing your hands could all attribute to a sink clogging.

Call Oakland’s Premier Drain Repair Crew

Having any of your fixtures malfunction because of a clog can really interfere with your daily routine and create problems for everyone. Our team has been helping the greater Oakland area of Alameda, Berkeley, San Leandro, and the greater East Bay area for years. Many homes and offices have already found Big Blue Plumbing as their trusted plumber and we hope you will too. To help make our call an easy one, we frequently offer competitive discounts on-top of some of the lowest prices available in the East Bay area. Some of our monthly plumbing coupons are:

  • Free Shower/Tub Evaluation
  • Free Video Drain Line Inspections
  • $156 Off Shower/Tub Valve Replacement
  • and so many more!

Beyond reliable draining cleaning, business and homeowners throughout the Oakland, Alameda and surrounding East Bay area can also call Big Blue Plumbing for Radiant Heat Services, Water Heater Repairs and Maintenance, Water Pressure Testing/Adjustments, Gas Line Repairs, plus many other professional plumbing services. Get a quote or schedule service by calling us today. You can also speak to one of our friendly team members to learn more about our current plumber discounts and warranties, ask what people are saying about our plumbing contractors, or hear more about our business and philosophy.

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