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Under the floor of a flipped home. Observe leak.

Under the floor of a flipped home. Observe leak.

Corroded Pipe Underneath Flipped Home.
Corroded pipe underneath flipped home.

There are a lot of TV shows about people who flip houses for profit. Flipped houses generally undergo cosmetic upgrades, not updates to the infrastructure because new paint, granite countertops, and glass tiles sell houses. New drain lines and copper piping do not. So what happens is unsuspecting people end up buying homes they think are remodeled but are merely just refinished.

At Big Blue, we see the downside to buying flipped homes—leaks inside of walls, backed-up sewage, and unfinished plumbing to name a few. What makes it worse is these homes are typically sold “as is” and there is no recompense to the new homeowner.

Big Blue wants to protect you from having unfortunate issues with your new home purchase. Take advantage of our Free “Flip or Flop” Pre-Purchase Evaluation and let our expert technicians examine the plumbing infrastructure before your buy. Our professional experts will determine if and where potential problems may come up and with our straight forward pricing, we’ll let you know the price of any potential expenses should a problem arise.

If you’re buying a new home, play it safe—give Big Blue a call before signing a contract.

Here are a few tips on what do if you suspect a home is a “Flip”:

  • Check the records to determine the purchase date and price. Your Realtor can easily find this information for you.
  • Perform your own inspection. This is the biggest investment of your life, put on some coveralls and get down in the crawl space, look at the age and condition of the pipes, check for dark patches in the dust that could indicate a leak.
  • Check public records to see if any permits have been pulled. If a kitchen or bathroom are “new” but no permit has been purchased, this indicates only cosmetic improvements have been made.
  • Slow down. It’s easy to be wowed by cosmetic upgrades, but take a minute to learn what’s “under the hood” before getting too giddy about the perfect house.
  • Talk to a professional.